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Sawing in Half – Large

A Classic Thin Sawing, originally designed to cut a man in half. It is perfect for productions that need a larger Divided in Two that is comfortable for the artist to be in for long times.

This is perhaps the most famous Sawing in Half in our collection. Originally built for Flip Wilson to be divided on a TV special from the Magic Castle. This prop has been performed by Tom Hanks, Johnny Carson, Ellen, Fran Drescher, Conan O’brian, the Pope, Martin Laurence, Kelsey Gramer and so many more. While it is large enough to cut a man in half, it is very helpful when the artist inside the sawing needs to deliver dialog, or be in the “divided” position for a long time or many “takes.” This sawing is also designed for cutting an executive in half, with a moderate amount of rehearsal time for the executive.

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4 in
Assembly Needed








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